2005-06-17 Leo4.3 final!

@thin 学习

四个标记命令for @root

@verbose, @terse, @quiet 和 @silent 指示符是作为 @root 树的 混出(Tangle)命令的输出参数来使用的. Comments written by the user in code sections are always output: these directives control only: a) the comments containing doc sections and b) sentinel comments that delimit the beginning and end of code sections.

When @verbose is in effect Tangle outputs all comments. When @terse is in effect, Tangle outputs only those comments necessary for Untangle to work. When @silent is in effect Tangle adds no additional comments. The @quiet directive is like @silent except that it does output leading sentinels as comments. Like @silent, @quiet inhibits untangling.

@verbose is the default. If more than one of these directives appear in the same body text the "most verbose" of these options will be in effect.