Month Calendar macro

The Problem

MoinMoin is great for storing semantically linked stuff, but there was no easy way to access and browse calendar related data yet.

So if you want to use MoinMoin as PIM (Personal Information Manager), you need calendar access and calendar wiki integration (just calling a cgi web calendar is not enough for the Wiki way).

The Solution

Then put a macro call like the ones you see below on your pages:

The Code

Please use this one for moin 1.3.x: MacroMarket/

Please use this one for moin 1.2.x: MacroMarket/

For moin 1.1 and older: MacroMarket/

Support area

If you have questions, problems, bug reports, wishes, comments - put them here:

There are now two versions of MonthCalendar for MoinMoin 1.2. The one mentioned at the top,, and the one by Oliver Graf. They are rendered differently, I don't know which to prefer. But the one by Oliver Graf has an important feature that is missing in the 'default' one: if you have three month tables with monthoffset +0,+1,+2, changing the month of one calendar will move all calendars. If you come to some default version, this feature should definitely be included.

-- PeterKleiweg 2004-08-11 13:07:56

I have created my own version as well, (based off of OliverGraf/MonthCalendar ) It can be found at JonathanDietrich/AnnualMonthlyCalendar It includes Annual Calendars (no year specified), useful for birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries.

-- JonathanDietrich

see also AdventCalendar

The MonthCalendar works well. However, the content of the pages which I added through the calendar can not be search by the moinmoin search engine. Is that its design or my setting is wrong?

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