Stackless Python


Stackless Python 是 Python 编程语言的一个增强版本。它能让程序员在获得基于线程编程的好处的同时,还不用考虑传统线程带来的性能和灵活性的问题。由 Stackless 添加到 Python 中的微线程是一个便宜且轻量的便利工具,如果用得恰当的话,它能提供以下好处:

Stackless Python is an enhanced version of the Python programming language. It allows programmers to reap the benefits of thread-based programming without the performance and complexity problems associated with conventional threads. The microthreads that Stackless adds to Python are a cheap and lightweight convenience which can if used properly, give the following benefits:


对于所有通过使用 Stackless 所能获得的便利来说,通过 stackless 模块暴露出来的功能其实只有其中很少的一部分。通过阅读以下页面提供的信息,你将会对这些概念熟悉起来的:

For all the convenience gained through using Stackless, there is really only a minimal amount of functionality exposed through the stackless module. You can get more familiar with these aspects by reading the information provided in the following pages:




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