A Wiki Engine is a software package to run a wiki server.

You only need it if you want to start your own wiki.

You only need to start your own public wiki if there is not already a running wiki covering your topic from the perspective you would like to see. (Remember: you can edit any page in any public wiki anyway, and you can use a search engine like Google to help you find wikis on your topic.)

You don't need to install any additional software (assuming you are viewing this with a web browser) for participating in a wiki.

You might also want to start a new wiki in a semi-private, semi-public environment. For example, some companies or government organizations start internal wikis to help their staff keep track of information, while not yet ready to open them up to the whole world.

For those who are actually thinking about installing their own WikiEngine while not being sure about which one to pick I have set up a brief WikiEngineComparison. (Benedikt)

Use Google to see if there's already a wiki on your subject. If there's already a wiki on your subject, with an agreeable perspective and community, then there's no need to create another. -- LionKimbro

Goodness I totally agree. Wikis cost nothing and there should be as many as there are groups of friends. If no one comes to visit you then go out visiting but everyone should have a personal Wiki. AndrewCates

-- CliftonRoyston

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