WardCunningham 创立了这一站点,并主持 WikiWikiWeb 的演变. 他选择 夏威夷語的 wiki-wiki 来命名这一快速建立 web 内容的系统模式. 一个更早的页面, WikiWikiHyperCard, 记录了在80's他如何从 HyperCard 的主意逐步演进出 Wiki 系统的.


特别的奉献 for 业务人员,Office 中毒者的快速MoinMoin 编辑小技巧

The first ever wiki site was founded in 1994 as an automated supplement to the PortlandPatternRepository. The site was immediately popular within the pattern community, largely due to the newness of the internet and a good slate of InvitedAuthors. The site was, and remains, dedicated to PeopleProjectsAndPatterns.

WardCunningham created the site and the WikiWikiWeb machinery that operates it. He chose wiki-wiki as an alliterative substitute for quick and thereby avoided naming this stuff quick-web. An early page, WikiWikiHyperCard, traces wiki ideas back to a HyperCard stack he wrote in the late 80's.

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