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Open Source License Request Application

1. What is the name of your Open Source Project?

2. What is it that you are doing?

3. What is the size of your development team?

4. Who is going to use your output?

5. Have you gained support from other organisations?

6. Are you aiming to release a commercial product in the future?

7. Is your Open Source project using a publicly accessible website?

7.a) If so, what is the URL?

8. Is our software to be run in a public environment?

8.a) If so, what will be the intended URL?

9 Is your project using an approved Open Source License?

9.a) If so, which Open Source License(s) is your project currently under?

9.b) What is the URL for your license agreement?

10. Is there an established code base?

10.a) If so, where can we view this?

10.b) Have you had at least one release of your product?

11. Which Atlassian product(s) are you interested in obtaining an Open Source License for?

12. What is the full name of the technical contact (the individual who will manage the license keys)?

13. What is the email address of the technical contact?


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