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1. Python 罕见问题集

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  1. Q: What is an Infrequently Answered Question?

  2. Q: finally子句里面代码是不是总是会被执行? 100%-- huangyi

    • The code in a finally clause will never fail to execute, right?
  3. Q: Polymorphism is great; I can sort a list of elements of any type, right?

  4. Q:在python中 怎样才能写++x,x++那样?

  5. Q: 我能使用从C++里的流控制语法吗: cout << x << y ... ?

  6. Q: What if I like C++'s printf?

  7. Q: 是否有一种更好的语法来编写字典文本?所有keys都是标识符。 未完成-- huangyi

    • Is there a better syntax for dictionary literals? All my keys are identifiers
  8. Q: Is there a similar shortcut for objects?

  9. Q: 创建对象很爽,但是如何更新? 100%-- ZoomQuiet

    • That's great for creating objects; How about for updating?
  10. Q: 我能给字典设定默认值吗0,{}或者其它的值?

  11. Q: 嘿, 你可以在0.007kb以内的代码里转置一个矩阵吗? 95%-- huangyi

    • Hey, can you write code to transpose a matrix in 0.007KB or less?
  12. Q: f(*m)这个技巧确实不错。不知道这个语法是否可以用在方法调用上, 比如 x.f(*y)? todo-- huangyi

    • The f(*m) trick is cool. Does the same syntax work with method calls, like x.f(*y)?
  13. Q: Can you implement abstract classes in Python in 0 lines of code? Or 4?

  14. Q: How do I do Enumerated Types (enums) in Python?

  15. Q: Why is there no ``Set'' data type in Python?

  16. Q: 我能在python里使用布尔型数据吗?

  17. Q: Can I do the equivalent of (test ? result : alternative) in Python?

  18. Q: What other major types are missing from Python?

  19. Q: How do I do the Singleton Pattern in Python?

  20. Q: Is no "news" good news?

  21. Q: Can I have a history mechanism like in the shell?

  22. Q: How do I time the execution of my functions?

  23. Q: python的自启动文件是什么样子的?

  24. Q: 我该怎样往 类里传递参数?

  25. Q: 当我试图调用类里的方法时,出现错误了?


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