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教程 Tutorial

快速进入 Twisted 的世界

优雅的deferred Deferreds are beautiful

创建简单的 finger 服务 building a simple finger service

增添特性到 finger 服务 adding features to the finger service

整理finger代码 cleaning up the finger code

升迁为组件结构 moving to a component based architecture

可插入式后端 pluggable backends

一个清洁的网络前端 a clean web frontend

Twisted客户端支持 Perspective Broker

使用单一工厂支持多种协议 using a single factory for multiple protocols

一个Twisted的finger 客户端 a Twisted finger client

创建m finger 库 making a finger library

设置并打包 finger 服务 configuration and packaging of the finger service

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